Getting Close to Last Day! #Sedona

Hi everybody! Well, we’re getting close to retirement! Harry’s Hideaway will close in another 20 calendar days and that’s just 15 more dinner services! Father’s Day, which is Sunday, June 17th, will be the last day that we’ll be open to the public. We will be open that day (we’re usually closed on Sundays) from 12 Noon to 2pm to say goodbye and sell food to go. We will not be taking reservations for that day or having any sit down dinner service. Its just food to go! And to say goodbye to Adele! People can say goodbye to me, but its really Adele that everyone’s going to miss!

In the meantime, I’ll be doing Southwest Meatloaf as a sandwich or a dinner, got some Pork Shanks going and also doing a Charcuterie/Cheese Platter for a fun nosh-able dish! Got Bleu Cheese for a Bleu Cheese Apple Salad with Walnuts. Also, getting in some Tallegio Cheese and Goat’s Cheese for the platter. I am planning on having some Chicken Saltimbocca and I have a few other items up my sleeve!

So… stop in soon!

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  1. Harry’s Hideaway is my favorite place to eat out. Your crab cakes are the best in the Verde Valley. Can’t believe that you will not here anymore. I will miss Adele and Harry very much.

  2. your food is /was the best especially Cape Capensis and your ribs ….
    ( wish I knew how you cook them )

    Cornville wont be the same without you both

    Dave ( fellow Chicagoan)

  3. your place has been one of a kind for fabulous food and a warm welcome! You will be greatly missed and at the same time, my wish is that you have many happy and peaceful days with lots of memories of how many people you have touched.

    All the best, Samarah (chocolate salad with grilled shrimp was my go-to favorite!)

  4. Congrats on your retirement Adele and Harry!
    Still in Chicago and gonna miss stopping by to see what’s Special.
    Best Wishes

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