Specials for the Week and a Reminder We’re Closed for Lunch #Sedona

Starting this week we are closed for lunch. Harry can’t take the long hours on his feet, so we’re back to being open for dinner only, Tuesday through Saturday. We’ll open at 5:30PM and close somewhere around 7:30PM. So we’re opening up a little later, but staying open a little longer. Think of it as “more daylight savings time” summer hours! So Harry will be back down to a 7 hour day (prep time + 2 hours open + clean up time) and that should help his feet and lower legs.

OK enough about Harry and his legs and the hours, let’s talk about the menu and specials! Since we’re not open for lunch, pulled pork and hamburgers are going to become a thing of the past! Sorry. But you will be able to get them for a little while longer. We’re doing Walleyed Pike this week as our fish special and Veggie Pasta with Meatballs as our pasta special. We also have Smoked Salmon and Potato Pancake as an appetizer and we have an Apple Bleu Cheese Salad with Walnuts.

On a final note (literally), there’s not too much left of May, and June will see us on vacation for a week and several days. Plus, we’re not planning on being open in July and August. But we are talking to a few people about buying the restaurant, so maybe that can be averted! We’ll see. So come on in while you can. This has been a great little restaurant for me and Adele and we want to thank each and everyone of you for making Harry’s Hideaway a success.

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  1. Adele and Harry,
    Mike and I discovered your fabulous little restaurant on our first visit to Sedona in October 2010. You hadn’t been open long and we just stumbled upon Harry’s Hideaway. Our lunch was delicious. We returned a couple more times during that stay in Sedona. We returned to Sedona in February, and each February/March for five years, staying in Sedona for 3-5 weeks on each occasion. On each visit, we enjoyed several meals at Harry’s Hideaway. We had family and friends stay with us and we always took them to your place. It became “our place”!
    We always felt welcomed back and loved chatting with Adele, and meeting Harry the last time we were in.
    It was not our intention to stay away so long, but life has intervened!
    I have been reading your blog, hoping we’d get to Arizona one more time before you retire. At this point, I cannot see that happening.
    We wish you both the very best and hope that you enjoy a long, happy and healthy retirement together!
    All the best,
    Louise and Mike Owens
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    1. That’s going to be the hardest part, saying goodbye to customers we’ve had and gotten to know over the years. You can keep an eye on us with our parent company website http://www.redrockrestaurants.com I don’t know what we’ll be up to but that might be a place to look if we ever decide to do something else. Also, sedonafunstuff.com is another one of our websites. Right now they’re just sitting there, but I might have the time to devote to them in a while!

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