Wild Mushrooms, Lobster Shrimp Bacon Wrap, Pork Osso Bucco…

Lobster, shrimp, bacon! All good things on their own, but I put them all together is this fantastic wrap with arugula and asparagus! Plus, I got a kale red cabbage slaw with poppy seed dressing that’s the perfect side! I’m going to be doing Pork Osso Bucco starting tonight and going thru Saturday. And don’t forget about our new regular menu with Jambalaya, Braised Short Ribs, Cornville Mac and Cheese and other items that are sure to please. I almost forgot! I got a nice batch of wild mushrooms in including Lobster Mushrooms and Cauliflower Mushrooms, so I’m making a great pasta with 5 different kinds of mushrooms, fettuccine, arugula and prosciutto in a cream sauce! Its good! Wait… Its fantastic! Come on in this weekend!

How’s everybody doing with getting into the Harry’s Hideaway Inner Circle Group? Just dine in the restaurant 8 times in 8 weeks and you’re in! We have a regular customer that’s been in about 6 six times in the past two weeks (that’s right), so she is probably going to be number one! Who’s going to be number two? Ha! 🙂 The first Inner Circle event will be sometime in November, on a Monday afternoon around lunch time, and four lucky people will be invited to have lunch in the kitchen with Harry and Adele. We’ll probably try out an experimental dish that will be offered on that week’s specials. And we’ll be doing that type of thing on a regular basis!

Harry and the Fish (Harry’s on the right)


Chef and Primal Blueprint Health Coach

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