What’s Up #sedona ?!

I’ve been a little too busy to take pictures lately, but lets see if I can create a picture from my exquisite descriptions! I’ve got a boneless, center cut pork chop that I’ve brined in water, brown sugar, salt, tequila and lime juice. I grill the chop to perfection then top it with a warm apple, shallot, ancho compote. Doesn’t that sound good?! A couple customers said it was the best pork chop they ever had! You be the judge. Everybody is liking the silky, creamy, Lobster Bisque. What’s a good word to describe it? How about… Lobster! 🙂 The boneless, braised Short Ribs are popular as is the Jambalaya. Crab Cakes, the shrimp dishes are as popular as ever and boy that Cornville Mac and Cheese is making an impact! Its a cheddar mac and cheese topped with pull pork and BBQ sauce, more cheddar cheese and peppers, onion and cilantro, then baked until brown and bubbly.

Adele and I are planning a Harry’s Hideaway Inner Circle Club. We had one back in Chicago and thought this might be some fun. We’re still working on the details, but two of the perks we’re thinking about are creating a separate closed Facebook group to talk about food and share recipes and another is to have closed, semi private get togethers for 5 to 6 people on Mondays at the restaurant and we all share a one pot meal like Paella or Frogmore Stew, etc all while partaking in some wine (or beer, or whatever)!


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