We’re Open for LUNCH This Week! #Sedona

Phase one of the BIG CHANGE is here! We’re trying lunch for the week and not only that, we’re not going to close between lunch and dinner! That’s right! Adele and I will be there, so we’re going to stay open and see how that goes. So we’ll be open from 12 noon to 7:30pm. I don’t know who eats lunch or dinner at 3pm, but we’ll find out! In all my 23 years in the biz, I have never been open between lunch and dinner, but a lot of people are looking for more hours, so we’ll give it a try. This is your time to shine people. This is your chance to vote for lunch and more hours, so come on out! We’ll still be closed on Sunday and Monday. Plus, we will still take reservations for dinner, but we are not planning to take them for lunch.

Shrimp Albear

Also, the menu is changing. There are somethings that I just don’t want to do anymore! Sorry about that. Roasted garlic and goat’s cheese is going bye bye. Elote and the Cornville Salad are hitting the road too. I’m not going to make taco chips anymore. Beef Tenderloin is going and will be replaced by braised boneless short ribs. I know, its not a steak, but it is beef for those that have to have beef when they go out. And the 1/2 lb burger is now going to be a 1/3 lb burger with a lower price. But there will be a double patty burger available for you big eaters. Pulled pork is coming back and I’m breaking out a Panino machine for those crispy hot sandwiches. Mac and Cheese with pulled pork is here (sorry, no lobster) and Great Balls of Fire (spicy Meatball) are back! I’m going to be making Jambalaya too and smoke/roasting whole chickens. Don’t forget, everything can be ordered to go, just call ahead. A lot of people drive up and down Cornville Road. Stop in and get dinner to go!

Chocolate Salad


Last but not least, Adele and I are taking some vacation time in August, so we’ll be closed for a few days here and there. We’re also doing some redecorating, so we may be closed for that too. Just call before you come out, Adele will leave a message on the machine if we’re closed. For sure, the restaurant will be closed the second week of August from Aug 6th through the 12th. I will be recovering from being open for lunch and dinner the previous week! Hah! 🙂 See at Harry’s Hideaway!


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