The Results are in #Sedona! Fund raising for Arizona Fire Victims and Firefighters…

Its amazing what the community can do! In just 2 days our tiny little restaurant was packed for dinner and we were able to raise $307.50 for charity! Its not an earth shattering amount, but every little bit helps! Right? I want to thank everybody for coming out and supporting this worthy cause! And a special thanks to Bill Ferguson and Tanya White for the extra donation! Adele and I are so happy with the results, we decided to do a more direct offering to the firefighters and police. Just come in for dinner the rest of this week and we will give one dinner free when you buy another for regular price. And that’s for ALL firefighter’s and police, not just the ones involved in the fires! Just show us a badge or some other ID and we’re good to go! Buy one entree and get the second of equal or lessor value free! Its that simple!

As far as the charity goes that gets the money, are there any suggestions? I mentioned the Red Cross and got some feedback that the donation wouldn’t make it to our area. So let me know on our Facebook page. I could just go around the corner on Page Springs Road and ask the fire department there?

Happy 4th of July everybody!


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