Survey Says? Harry’s Hideaway needs your opinion… #Sedona

Got time to take a poll? Harry’s been eating Primal (i.e., like a caveman) for over 2 years now. He’s lost a lot of weight, but more importantly, he feels great! Harry also got off his high blood pressure and Type II diabetes meds! And those meds had all kinds of unpleasant side effects! Life is much better without the meds. So, what would change in the restaurant? No more starchy vegetables and grains like breads, potatoes, rice and French fries. Harry does have tasty Primal substitutes for those that are low carb, so they won’t spike your blood sugar or be a problem with weight gain. Sweet potato fries, gluten free breads, celery root au gratin instead of Potatoes Dauphinois and cauliflower rice instead of regular rice. So veggies would be served with your entree. And of course, lots of salads are good. Desserts would have to change because of the sugar content. Too much sugar means a lot of carbs and that spikes your blood sugar and adds to the weight gain problem. So Harry is going to experiment there. But some Primal dessert possibilities include berries (all kinds of berries) and cream, cakes made with almond flour and more. So, please take another minute and answer the survey question. You can check up to three of the answers. Thanks!


Chef and Primal Blueprint Health Coach

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