Our new menu may be a la carte, but it will cost you less not more!

Well, we got our first review with my new menu and the statement that I want to talk about is “they are now charging extra for sides”. We are not charging extra for sides! I took the sides off the entrees and reduced the entree price! So, if you by the entree (or sandwich at lunch) and get a side, its the same price as it was before! The reason I did this is because a lot of people didn’t want whatever side it was that I had on the menu item. So, there were all these “upgrade” charges. Like “Fish and Chips” ordered with no chips, upgrade green beans, upgrad garden salad, or upgrade ratatouille, etc, etc! The tickets were hard to read, I’d screw up every now and then and Adele would have a hard time entering the order and that would take too much time. And time is of the essence now that its just me and Adele. So I think the menu is a lot more straight forward than it has been. And to show you this change is more customer friendly than it was before, when you ordered a “Fish and Chips, no chips” we didn’t take $2 off the price. But now if you order a “Fish and Chips, no side”, the price is $2 less! So, its a win win for everybody (well, if you ask me, more for the customer!).

Some people think that a restaurant that says soup or salad is included with the entree are getting that soup or salad for free. But they’re not! Every entree price on that menu has been increased to pay for those items (and to make money)! I made that change at my restaurant in Chicago one year. People got them because they were included, even though they didn’t really want them! So I ended up throwing a lot of soup and salad away, and I don’t like that, I hate throwing away food. So I am a believer of a la carte. If you want it, you can get it, and because you pay for it and are hungry for it, you’ll eat it almost all the time! And that minimizes the food we waste. In my opinion, a la carte is good for everyone!


Chef and Primal Blueprint Health Coach

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