Harry’s Hideaway in Cornville STILL OPEN!

Eric and Gayle Glomski, Owners of Page Springs Winery

Eric and Gayle Glomski, Owners of Page Springs Winery

There seems to be some confusion. Adele was at a recent community meeting and a few people had the idea we had closed completely and some others had the idea we closed as a restaurant and were just doing cooking classes! So, long story short and just to make things clear, we’re open as a full service restaurant with a full service bar 5 days a week, Tuesday through Saturday for dinner starting at 5pm. Things start to slow down in Cornville around 7pm, so that’s when we take our last reservation. We take reservations, not because we’re trying to be snooty, but because we’re a small restaurant and would hate to have you show up and get turned away, so please make a reservation. Thank you! And thank you for being such wonderful, understanding customers! Sorry for any confusion! Please forward this email to all your friends and share this post all around Facebook, so the word gets out! Thanks again!


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