Enter your email address on our website list and you could win a $50 Gift Certificate

We have 138 people on our website email list. That is not enough! Add your name to our list and you could win a $50 Gift Certificate. When we get 100 new people on our list, we’ll do a random drawing and one of those new people will win! So, when we get to 238, 338, 438, etc we give out a $50 Gift certificate. When we hit 1038, we’ll give away the $50 gift certificate to one of those new hundred that signed up, but we will also give away a $100 Gift Certificate to some lucky person in all of the 1038! Could be you! If you’re getting this email, you’re already on the list, but you could win that $100 gift certificate! So please share this announcement on social media. Heck, call up your friends and family and tell them about it!

P.S. sorry about the first email that went out, editing error!


Chef and Primal Blueprint Health Coach

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