Big News from Harry’s Hideaway

One day last week lunch was winding down, so I started rolling out a quiche crust on the salad bar counter like I’ve done a hundred times before. A customer was leaving and she said to me “Harry, don’t you ever get tired?” In my head I said to myself “I’m tired all the time”, but I put on a smile and said “no, not at all, I love this!”. Which is all true, I love it, but I am tired! I think about that moment every now and then and I’ve come to realize I am ready for retirement! So Adele and I are putting the restaurant up for sale! We’d love for Harry’s Hideaway to continue and hopefully there’s some local chefs around that are looking to strike out on their own and do their thing! Or maybe someone who has a lifelong dream to own a restaurant, like I did when I was a 40 year old computer programmer and opened up my first one 25 years ago!

In any case, Adele and I want to thank all our wonderful customers, locals and tourists alike, for making Harry’s Hideaway a fun and happy place to be. I’ve put out some pretty good food and Adele is certainly the hostess with the most-ess! Our lease goes through the end of August. We’ll see what happens. If you know anybody looking for a nice little restaurant (that makes money), send them on over!

Thanks again everybody! See you at the restaurant.

Harry and Adele

Irish Week at Harry’s Hideaway! #Sedona

Everybody’s Irish this week! Corned Beef and Cabbage, Reubens, Irish Lamb Stew and more as we get into the week. I’m going to get some Trout in. I’m going to do Parsnip Soup, Soda bread and maybe some Irish desserts.

What’s Up at Harry’s Hideaway, 2/26/18?! #Sedona

Hello everybody! I crashed my website! I thought I lost all your email addresses, but when I reinstalled a plugin, boom, there they were! So all good, kinda. So it looks like we’re going to have a little winter after all! Time for some stew! Later in the week I will make an Irish beef stew with beer and a lot of other good things. In the meantime, check out and try the Braised Beef Short Ribs. Great comfort food! The fish of the week (while supplies last) is Trout. Doing an Apple Bleu Cheese Salad. Also doing the our version of the Caprese Salad, tomatoes fresh mozzarella and basil pesto. Good stuff! I also have a Charcuterie Plate with salami, prosciutto, olives, cheeses, etc. Great for sharing!

P.S. By the way… Did anybody hear about Bistro Bacon? Tell us when you come in!