Announcement and Specials for the Week – 10/24/16 #sedona

Cape Capensis atop Quinoa

Cape Capensis atop Quinoa

Hello everyone! OK, announcements first! At Adele’s request we tried to re-introduce lunch. Tried it just on Saturdays and I (Harry) just can’t do it. I’m too old and don’t like those really long days anymore. Sorry about that! So, back to just dinner. Next announcement. You’d think that since there’s no lunch we would expand our dinner hours, but quite the contrary. We’re going to shorten them! We were open for dinner from 5pm to 7:30pm since we opened back in 2010. But its now going to be from 5pm to 7pm with definitely no walk-ins after 7pm. AND the kitchen (Harry that is) shuts down promptly at 7:30pm. Harry’s got a lot of things to do in that kitchen at the end of the night and he wants to get to them. Thank you for being so understanding! Please make reservations with Adele.

Now on to the specials! Zoodles and meatballs have been very popular and will continue. We ran out of the Nut Encrusted Mahi and are now back to doing Cape Capensis as our fish entree. I’m doing a Surf and Turf with our Grilled Tenderloin by adding 3 grilled Shrimp. I have some more 16 ounce, bone in rib eye steaks. I’m getting a wheel of Bleu Cheese in so look for our Apple Bleu Cheese salad to be back, plus cheese plates. Also, another Bleu Cheese salad with crispy Pork Belly on top! (I’m going to have a few of those) And I’m getting some fresh oysters in so look for a Oyster Pasta dish with a white wine cream sauce. I love oysters! See you at the restaurant!


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