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I started an earlier version of my blog around the beginning of April, however, I decided to finish it after our planned family trip to San Diego for Easter. I am happy I waited.  I do need  to apologize for such a long time in between the blogs, but I am not the type that can write about day to day stuff, much less month to month. It’s hard enough keeping up with Facebook. I am what you would call old school when it comes to those things. I’m more of a over time type of guy. Gather and reflect. So just a heads up it might be another two months until the next one but I’ll do my best.

I would first like to give a huge shout out to my former Chef that I  studied under just before coming to Cornville, Nick LaRosa, of Nook Kitchen in Phoenix for being the winner of the TV show “Chopped”. His episode recently aired and he did a wonderful job of using his knowledge, skills and experience to win $10,000. I mean who knows what to do with octopus balls! Genuine, funny as hell, understanding, just a great Chef and a even better family man. Congrats Chef, Saluti.

It’s funny what a little break from your routine can teach you. While in California with my family, far away from my kitchen, I was given some time to reflect on how I was feeling since taking over this restaurant and putting my cooking on the line. Cooking in general is a hard profession. Kitchens are a tough environment to survive in. It might be hard for those to understand if they’ve never worked in one what it’s like with flames burning your arms, ticket machines that never seem to end, shouting, cursing, sweat, tears and all for what? You!! Kitchens were hard before I took over this restaurant, now that I do it all by myself in the kitchen makes it a mountain that I must climb daily.

But why do I sacrifice everyday, everything I have, the answer is still, You!!  From prepping, cooking, plating, shopping, ordering, cleaning the dishes you name it – I do it with the highest level I can. Why? Because that’s what you deserve when you dine with us.
I invite you back in my kitchen to see how clean it is, how organized I have it, because I don’t just practice cooking I practice everything. That’s my passion.

Cooking is easy. Like they said in Ratatouille, everyone can cook! All cooking is, is technique and product. To be good however, only takes two things: Integrity with Thought. There might be a lot of different restaurants out there but show me one that only has one cook doing the type of food we’re doing in the way we’re doing it. There are none. I love what I do and I love when I see people enjoy our restaurant.

There is one thing however that needs a change. The name. We have had nothing but great customers since we took over, a lot who have become regulars who we love very much but there has been a couple times when we have run into trouble with some who haven’t realized yet that we have taken over and are not Harry and Adele. One said they were very dear fans of theirs yet didn’t realize we were the new owners until they sat down at our table and refused to even try our food and got up and left. This happened a week ago. I mean, I certainly understand but, at least give us a try.

Yes – I am not Harry and No – I don’t cook like him. There’s a review on Yelp from a lady who gave us one star just because we were new owners with a new menu without even coming in and trying us. Really?  We are going to make this place our own. We are going to be renaming our restaurant by the beginning of August just in time for Season and we want your help.

Help us come up with a interesting name for our restaurant.  If you win – we will celebrate your winning with a free dessert every time you come in for dinner – for a whole year!!

Send me an email with your suggestion – look at our contact page.

Thank you for all of your support and love. Be sure to stop by and say Hi!
Chef Michael, Kristy, & Bella Papa

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