Specials for the Week and the News about the New Chef! #Sedona

Lobster is back! I had to do Lobster BLTs one more time! This version has lobster and shrimp in a lobster roll dressing with bacon, tomato and mixed greens that are heavy on the arugula and its in a wrap for easy eating. The ones on croissants were just too messy. I also have Smoked 10 ounce individual Meatloaves that I’ll be serving with mashed potatoes and gravy and some green beans. That’s the kind of comfort food that mom used to serve us kids back in the day. As a kid I had a peculiar habit of eating the items on my plate one at a time, saving the best for last. So I would eat all of the green beans (the worst). Then all of the meatloaf. I thought the mashed potatoes and gravy was the best, so they were last! My parents (in the photo up above) finally noticed this and I could remember them trying to get me to mix all the food together in one bite, but I would have none of that! I guess they were just happy that I ate all the food put in front of me! Liver and onions was tough though! 🙂 I’ve got some other specials going on so stop on by.

Also, the new chef/owner is going to be working with me starting next week so be sure to stop by. I think the new guy looks just like me and you’ll have a hard time telling us apart! Except he is about 30 years younger than me, so it might not be that hard! We’ll see!

About gift certificates: We don’t have many outstanding gift certificates, maybe just one or two. But if you have one, please use it before July 31st because they will not be valid once the new owners take over on July 31st. Use it for the lobster!

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