Specials for the Week and News About the New Owners #Sedona

I got some whole chickens in and I’m going to do Chicken Oreganato, a dish I used to do back in Chicago a lot, but its the first time here. Took me 8 years, but better late than never! Its roasted lemon chicken served with roasted potato wedges and peas in a Oregano flavored sauce. I also have wild mushrooms! I am primarily using them in a pasta dish. To that pasta dish you can add chicken, shrimp or oysters, or leave it just mushrooms. Or, I can make you a oyster mushroom appetizer with no pasta for a delicious twist on Oysters Rockefeller (that’s my test version in the pic above)! I made some fresh basil pesto and we’re doing our version of Salad Caprese with vine ripened tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and our pesto! Or we can make a pesto pasta for you with shrimp or chicken! Oh, by the way, Cape Capensis is back!

Big news! Some of the new owners are coming in for dinner Saturday night. Here’s your chance to get to meet them before we fully transition!

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