Big News from Harry’s Hideaway

One day last week lunch was winding down, so I started rolling out a quiche crust on the salad bar counter like I’ve done a hundred times before. A customer was leaving and she said to me “Harry, don’t you ever get tired?” In my head I said to myself “I’m tired all the time”, but I put on a smile and said “no, not at all, I love this!”. Which is all true, I love it, but I am tired! I think about that moment every now and then and I’ve come to realize I am ready for retirement! So Adele and I are putting the restaurant up for sale! We’d love for Harry’s Hideaway to continue and hopefully there’s some local chefs around that are looking to strike out on their own and do their thing! Or maybe someone who has a lifelong dream to own a restaurant, like I did when I was a 40 year old computer programmer and opened up my first one 25 years ago!

In any case, Adele and I want to thank all our wonderful customers, locals and tourists alike, for making Harry’s Hideaway a fun and happy place to be. I’ve put out some pretty good food and Adele is certainly the hostess with the most-ess! Our lease goes through the end of August. We’ll see what happens. If you know anybody looking for a nice little restaurant (that makes money), send them on over!

Thanks again everybody! See you at the restaurant.

Harry and Adele

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  1. So sorry to hear this selfishly speaking, but I am excited for both of you. Thank you for the wonderful food, friendly service, you will be missed. Wishing you both a happy retirement. Make sure you leave your secrets behind for new owners!

  2. Having just had lunch there yesterday it hurts to read this. I’ll be back more often and also do takeout more often until you do retire.
    Follow your heart and dreams. Cancer took my husband before we could enjoy retirement together so I wish you two many years of retirement together. ❤️

  3. Always the most marvelous, consistent, quality, creative offerings from Harry and Adele at Harry’s Hideaway. Thank you for the many beautiful meals and memorable moments created by you for Keran and me and the community! The Celtic Harvest Festival featured the finest food when you were cooking! Good times ahead for you both and thank you from the O’Briens! Sláinte!!

  4. Sorry to hear the news but so happy for the both of you. Life is short. Take the time and enjoy it. My husband and I enjoyed many delicious meals at your restaurant. Sadly he passed away in January. Will definitely be in soon. Good luck.

  5. I just opened my email and saw your news about seeking a buyer and retiring. While I really understand your decision, I am sad for all the good food we will miss!

    I have been a big fan of Harry, Adele and Harry’s Hideaway since you opened your doors. Our retirement has been a wonderful experience and Eddie and I hope the very best for the two of you in this new chapter of your life.

    All the best,
    Jim and Eddie Gibson

  6. Harry and Adele,
    This is one of our favorite restaurants.Your food is outstanding and the service is excellent. We wish you the best in whatever you and Adele decide. We will be sure to visit as much as we can before August.Thank you for making incredible comfort food.
    Mike and Laurie Chavez

  7. Sarah and I are crushed reading your news that you will be retiring and selling your restaurant. We have enjoyed your food and your friendship for a number of years and have enjoyed taking our friends who come visit us to your restaurant. Every single one of them have raved about your cuisine as well as your hospitality.

    As far as we are concerned Harry’s Hideaway is the best restaurant in the entire area and you and your restaurant will be sorely missed by both of us.

    We wish you all the best and we continue coming to Harry’s until your departure.

  8. Thank you two for years of wonderful food and great memories, not to mention the BEST Choc. Mousse this side of the moon!! And who would think to put duck on a pizza??
    You will be missed…wishing you both a spectacular retirement AFTER August!!
    Frank and T

  9. As retirees we understand the attraction you have to think of taking it a little easier.

    But we have been dreading the day when you made the final decision.

    We love Harry’s hideaway and the delicious quality food. So much so we not only come into the restaurant to eat that call and take it home.

    We can’t imagine anyone could take your place so we are sad to see you go but grateful for what you have added to our lives.

  10. Hey there Harry and Adele, we haven’t been in too much lately but you’re always at the top of our referral list for people asking about great places to eat.
    Wishing you good luck in the future, and THANKS for all the good eats!
    Jerry & Nita Marlette (local Cornvillagers)

  11. Oh no! But I must say you have to take care of yourselves. Both of you and your restaurant were factors in our decision where we would go when we come to Arizona. John and I wish you well and maybe we’ll meet you if you stay in the area.
    Joan and John MacInnes
    Nova Scotia

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